My dear sister, this is the reason why you might not get or stay married if you don’t change your mind set;

Our today’s common man is complaining about how today’s common girl has become expensive and completely unfathomable. But I want to warn you young man, be prepared because you haven’t seen it all yet. Ole wako.  I’m sorry.

My sister you deserve more and better. You deserve a man who is already rich, a man who already has it all- a car or cars, living in Kileleshwa, Lavington or Muthaiga and the like estates. Someone who already has a business empire, someone who can afford you a trip (or take you out) to wherever around the globe, someone who will give you whatever you want and whenever you want it. In short, you need a man who will treat you like his queen. And not a man who will allow you to work. Are there still men who does that in this 21 century?

You don’t need a man with whom you will work and journey together to richness and old age. So, every man who want you has to be prepared to have you. And of course he has to meet your other qualities in your checklist. He has to be tall. He has to have six pack abs. His biceps brachii have to be able to dodge a masonry block for up to two floors. And so on. And above all, he has to be stupid and somebody you can control.

If that is what you want, you don’t need a good man. But all the best and congratulation if you already have one.

There is something I want you to know my sister; a man in his good state of mind, a man of a good heart, a man who understands himself, a man of dignity, a hardworking man, he will love, trust, care and respect a woman who is a part of his history, a woman who has tirelessly been on his side, a woman who has always been his other hand,  a woman who understands him, a woman who is submissive, a woman who recognizes him as the head of the family and a woman who will still love and respect him even when he brings nothing onto the table.

Another thing you should know is that, a already established man, will never respect you if you just brought yourself.  He will never recognise you as his equal. And to him you will always be his subject – a somebody whose say is never heard and a marionette to pull around. That’s what you want right? I guess not.

So if you’re poor, get a rich man and all of  sudden you will have it all but at the end you will always end up being hurt. Your value will end one day. And by the way you should know that you will not be the first one or the only one or the last one. So to him there will be no reason of being remorseful. But if you can get a man of your class, you will be happy witnessing your growth together. There is nothing that feels better and peaceful like eating the mangoes you know where they come from. But if you have to get a rich man remember, “🐦 s of the same feathers…” so make sure you are rich yourself or you can equally contribute.

My sister, if a man is pampering you in the name of love, think twice. Ask yourself why? He is not your father nor is he your brother, right?  Or is just loving you that expensive? Maybe to him you are just another sacrificial fish and he is using his money as a bait, do you know that? A man doesn’t have to pay for you to love him. Love comes from the heart not from what you get.

Disclaimer: There are good and genuine rich men.

Finally, don’t be lazy my sister. That’s not how we have been brought up. Work. Work hard … for yourself. Mould your dignity and pave a way to your destiny. Respect yourself and you will be respected. Give a broke man a reason to die for you but don’t let him die. Be yourself.  Don’t be like those who have the mentality that a man is a sole provider and that the only thing you can bring onto the table is your overpriced vagina. It is not a ladder to what you want. If you want a good man, be a good woman.

The choice is yours.


Photo courtesy: preen & proper


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