The alleged plot to assassinate his Excellency Dr. William Ruto, the deputy president of the republic of Kenya has called for a serious investigation to be done in order to mask out the originality of the letter linked to prominent leaders of this country. The letter is dated May 30, 2019 and the investigators believe that people sympathetic or allied to the deputy president might have generated the letter to create the impression that his life was in danger. However, there is uncertainty on whether there is real threat to the life of the deputy president or it’s just a political stratagem taken too far.

And now the Directorate of criminal investigation (DCI) is seeking help from the American investigators – Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) to probe the origins of the letter.  The director of public prosecutions Noordin Haji told MPs that he chose to engage the FBI in order to rule out any perceived bias:

We have been accused before of being biased in our work. We decided to bring independent body to carry out investigations and identify the people who authored the suspicious letter and the origin of the allegations,” said Mr. Haji.

But now my question is; if we can’t trust our very own DCI why do we have them altogether? Why then should the government keep on pumping money into an agency where whose work(when it arises,) is given to another international body and more money is paid? Doesn’t FBI investigate on sensitive matters in their country? Of course yes they do. so then why FBI and not DCI?

So it means we cannot solve our own problems? If for investigations we call the FBI and for prosecution, we outsource, then those supposed to to that what will they do?  Why don’t (or when will) we trust our very own constituted bodies? How for example do you think our detectives feel when they cannot be trusted or when they’re presumed incompetent and the job they were supposed to do (and they can do) is given an outsider?

This is like a parent who cannot allow her son to do his own homework thinking he will mess up and instead call her son’s classmate to do it for him. When will this child trust himself?

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