Weep child. We may find many who will gladly laugh with us, but where can we find those who can share our tears? For laughter is a quick medicine that attracts, but weeping is a burden that none may wish to carry with you. Thus it is said, that when you laugh, the world laughs with you, but when you weep, you weep alone. Yet even weeping is a treasure, because it is in sorrow that you discover what true love is. Sorrow reveals to us the strength of our friendships. It takes away the masks that have deceived us into believing we are with someone, but in truth, we are really alone. So, let this be your consolation; that such tears take away from you only those who are not real and gather with you those who are faithful and true.

Sometimes life hurts so much that the only solace you can find is through sharing with your best friend. You share how frustrated and pained you are by your family- how your family is burdening you, how your past relationship drained you, how your job is sucking energy out of you, how your dreams scare you (because so big they are yet the way to them seems impossible) and much more. You feel relieved because you have a shoulder to lean on, that someone has got your back.

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It then dawns to you that your friend is not a friend but an enemy- a wolf clothed in sheep’s clothing- they abandon you, they stop caring and even share on social media about how disgusting, frustrated and desperate you are. You share your dreams, future aspirations and goals and they tell you how impossible they are; how fake the things you dream of are; they end up corrupting you and making you abandon your plans with the belief that they will help you. You share with them whatever material possession they need; as long as you have and finally when their doors are opened they insult you- telling you how blindfolded they have been clinging to your help and that you have been tricking them with your possession. When they cried desperately and the only option you had was to comfort them and share the little you had, they end up saying you bewitched them and you are trying to trap them. They say that, self-interest is the primary motive of your behaviour: your benevolence is mere hypocrisy and your friendship a cheat.

You cry your heart out, spend days wallowing and cursing the day you met your so called friend. You finally gather the courage to speak up your decision and stand, the courage to move away and the courage to learn living without them. Seeing that you have out maneuvered them, they blackmail you into reporting your failures to your loved ones (They are somehow assured that you will lose a friend and at the same time lose support and empathy of your loved ones). They gather all contacts of people who you rely on; those who respect and trust you. Some succeed in assassinating your character, others fail, and others are just damned cowards who only yap behind closed doors. Others swear to spend the rest of their lives seeking revenge. Leave them to satisfy their malice: what goes around comes around.

This is not the time to mourn my child- I understand how you feel. But it is the time to celebrate your victory because you have known the truth- you are living among creatures of the night, vampires, hypocrites and parasites. This is the time to be true to yourself, do the good things you like, mingle among allies; continue dreaming big and working towards your dreams. The grace of God will lead you all through towards your destiny. Take heart, pray and believe that you will never walk alone.



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