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My name is Mulwa John (mulwajohnie), the person behind sawalife.com. I am a writer and a social scientist. In December 2017, I graduated from Egerton university with a degree in BA Sociology and religion.

I fell in love with writing back in high school when I wrote a letter that changed my life.


I was born in the eastern parts of Kenya. The area is characterized by desert traits like droughts and famines. My parents who are peasant farmers, were poor and as well the neighbourhood due to scarcity of rainfall. I am the second born in a family of 7 children and having born of uneducated parents, as a young boy in the village, and due to the remoteness of the area I didn’t know what life was all about. Also considering the poverty of my parents, I didn’t see the future of my education.

And although I passed my primary level exam, I left having been not able to use English to communicate. But when I joined high school, I put more effort to learn the language.

It reached a point where my parents could not further sustain me in school. My school fee had accumulated and therefore I was very sure noway they would be able to clear it and my next step was to drop out of school. And bearing in mind that in my family we had no radio,  no way my parents could have heard of Lotto or shabiki.com. And also having non of my parents owning a mobile phone, that maybe they could have tried their luck in sportpesa,  how could they have raised ksh. 100,000 to clear my fee?

to cut the long story short, I wrote a letter explaining my story-what I was going through,  to the SISTERS OF MERCY (catholic nuns) after which they started paying my school fee after clearing the accumulated one, for the whole of my secondary level of education. All thanks be to them (by then) led by Sister Bernadette Mueni– to me she is my second mother.


Since then I have been writing short stories and plays. So what prompted me to start this blog is that even  after my immense effort trying to take my work to different publishers, non accepted to publish. I therefore started this blog to write and then publish my work online by myself. And I am very happy because since the start of this site, very many people have reached to me encouraging me not to give up- that I should continue writing.  Some also writes to say thank you for I have touched their life.  I am now waiting to hear from you…


I writes on everything that concerns and affect our society. And also in order to utilize the sociological background I have(what’s the degree for), I concentrate more on the family, parenting and relationships.

I like traveling-going to new places, meeting new people and making new friends.

I considers myself a son from a humble beginning.






Therefore, I humbly WELCOME you to this blog.


Mulwa John

PS: One more thing, you shouldn’t be a stranger. Feel free to introduce yourself. What’s your story? May be it can change a someone’s life. Share it in the comment section below. And please subscribe to my blog.


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