My love, the more I meet you,

The more you appear new.

The more I know you,

The more I want to love you.

Each day my love for you is my first love.

Because, each day I feel as if I have just started loving you.


I opened heart my love for you,

Little didn’t I know you had already left.

You was gone and my heart sank at your departure.

It hurts.


You made me feel like a woman,

A strong woman.

And you restored back my esteem.

You made me realize how easy it is to love one man,

And how peaceful you become.

You made me hate my past,

My past before I met you.

But you left before I could show you,

Show you that I was now a changed person.

Did you loose hope on me?

Or you just got tired of waiting?

But why did you have to wait for all that long?

Why my love?


I remembers your touch,

Your whispers into my ears are still fresh,

Your ‘you are very beautiful’ still lingers into my mind.

You made me feel like a queen,

Little did I know that that was just a bait!


But I don’t regret,

Though I wonder why you had to go!

After making me a better person,

After making me a human being.

I wonder why you had to love me when I was a bad girl,

And leave after I made a U-turn,

After I came back to my senses,

After I became myself,

After I had vowed to love you,

Only you,


Or was it too late?

Or was that your only mission?

A mission to deliver me?

You ought to tell me.

Why my love?


It’s true,

I remember I was really hurting you,

One man for me was not enough,

What is the beauty for? My girlfriends asked.

I followed their advices,

I played you my love,

But when you discovered,

You never judged me.

You always corrected me.


It is painful to be hurt,

And it is difficult to be good to the person hurting you,

But it is more painful to be hurt by someone’s goodness,

I mistreated you my love,

I hurt you,

But you always paid me with kindness.


Thank you because no matter how you may seem far away,

How seeing you again is still a riddle by the way,

 Or being in each other’s life is the only fate knows and can tell,

 No matter all that,

The memories of you,

And your goodness always gives my heart an assurance,

An assurance that knowing and loving you was the best thing I ever did to myself.

You are gone but you will always be in my heart.

I will love but you will always remain my first love.


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