#Boychild, I believe many of you knew me back then but for the introduction purposes, my name is Salima Natasi. Maybe we met- meaning we have history together or maybe we never met but I strongly believe you must have heard of me. But now alot has changed- I am a wife of one husband, the real father to my two kids; Natalia and Amani.  I am now working for my family. And life has just began because I just turned 40 years old.

I was a celeb in my own standards. I dedicated my good fifteen years in the game (a   game of jumping from one man to the other depending on the sizes of their pockets) – all the way from when I was only 19 years old to when I turned 34, the time I met with the love of my life Mr. Bernard- the man who made me see life in another perspective. All this came about when I joined university for my undergraduate studies. Having been uprooted directly from a strictly girls’ missionary school (with all my villagehood) to all the way to the city centre where I met with real freedom. I was naïve and since I didn’t want to be seen as so, I joined the other Romans little did I know that that was to completely transform my life. I became a bad girl.

All Kelvos and Brayos know me very well. They are known for using girls and dumping them soon thereafter but am very sure they still remember me. I made my presence felt by completely giving out myself to them. And when they were ready to go I was always a step ahead- already gone. I didn’t know that they could also get hurt. I thought hurting was for the people of weak hearts. I didn’t know that they enjoy hurting people’s daughters, playing with their delicate hearts and emotions (something I never knew existed) and seeing their tears but not when it’s the other way round.

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Today I am writing to just say thank you- to you #BoyChild. Thank you for being so true to me, thank you for seeing a potential girlfriend on me, thank you for approaching me, thank you for making me feel like a woman, thank you for hurting me, thank you for believing in me, thank you because even when I retaliated, when the unexpected happened, you just peacefully swallowed the pain and moved on. But more thanks to the #BoyChild who rescued me from the mad where I used to dirty myself, the #BoyChild who never judged me with my dark past, who accepted me the way I was- with my flaws, the #BoyChild who helped me to discover myself and made me the woman I am today. My husband, thank you darling.

 I am very happy to say that apart from the few Kevo and Brayo, I met with a #Boychild who were real men: a man whom you can misuse and dumb but still can afford to shake your hand, say goodbye and wish you well; a man who can get you with another man and still call you baibe and apologize as if it was his mistake; a man who will not value sex more than how he loves you; a man who can give you his bus fare and pretend everything is fine  and who can afford a smile as he walk home but am sorry to say I always ended up hurting this good man.

Finally, before I forget thank you #BoyChild because no matter the pain I caused you, no matter how I slayed on you, you still spared my life. You never butchered me, you never axed me nor did I ever hear you threatening to kill me. I’m just thankful. And though I don’t want to boast by saying I was the luckiest, I wonder what happened, what changed, I wonder why you are killing the #GirlChild in the name of love.

One more thing, please try to understand my little sisters. Some of them are not themselves- they have been intoxicated by what life offered to them and I wish you could just try to understand them. I  also wish you could just be that real man  who can truly help them to discover the woman they were really created to be. So please don’t kill them, it is not the only way to solve a problem. And in fact, real men don’t kill women. It is better you give up on her and let her go if you cant help her- somebody else will.


Photo courtesy of Bomb.


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